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Shri Tek Chand Vs. Ms. Premia Projects Ltd.__ADMISSION UNDER NCLT

Shri Tek Chand Vs. Ms. Premia Projects Ltd._11 MARCH 2019

Shri Tek Chand Vs. Ms. Premia Projects Ltd._13

Result of Home Buyers’ Meeting dated 4th December 2021

Minutes of Home Buyers Meeting dt 4th December 2021 before online voting

Notice of Financial creditor in Class (Home Buyer) Meeting

Profiles of proposed AR

Authority Letter

Consent form AB proposed Authorised Representatives

NCLT Order dt 16-11-2021

NCLAT Order dt 18th November 2021

Contribution form for CoC Members

Preference & confirmation Request

Download Preference & Confirmation form

List of Committee of Creditors- May 2021

Notice & Agenda for 9th CoC meeting

Addendum to 9th CoC meeting with updated list of CoC

Attachment of notice & agenda for 9th CoC

Notice Agenda for 8th CoC

Minutes with results of 8th Coc voting

summary of cvoting of 8th CoC

Corrigendum of 7th CoC minutes

7th CoC Minutes with Results of Voting

Summary of 7th coc voting

Draft Minutes of 7th CoC

Notice & Agenda 7th CoC

Invitation for Expression of Interest for submission of Resolution Plan

Reply of email of Ravi Saxena

Minutes of Meeting for 6th CoC with results

Notice & Agenda for 6th

Expense details of CIRP cost sheet

List of Contribution up to 11 January 2020

CoC List with contact details & updated contribution details_4th Jan 2020

Contribution Form & List of CoC members

Notice & Agenda of 5th CoC Meeting dt 02.12.2019

Draft Minutes of 5th CoC meeting dt 02.12.2019

Final Minutes of 5th CoC meeting signed dt 07.12.2019

List of CoC Members as on 04 Feb 2020


Agreement between COC & RP for the contribution

Notice & Agenda for 4th CoC Meeting dt 09 Nov 2019

Final minutes of 4th CoC meeting dated 09th November, 2019

Corrigendum of Draft Minutes of 4th CoC meeting dated 09th November 2019

Corrigendum -II of Draft Minutes 04th CoC meeting dated 09th November 2019

Draft Minutes of 4th CoC meeting held on 09th November & discussion upto 14th November 2019

Extension Granted by Hon’ble Tribunal

Hon’ble High Court Order for Transferring of proceedings

Updated list of Home Buyers Claims

Legal Update_12th Sept 2019

NCLT hearing_17th July 2019

NCLT Hearing on 1st August 2019

Message from IBBI

Legal update_17th August 2019

Reply of Email _17th August 2019

3rd CoC Meeting Notice dated 19th August 2019

Summary of voting 3rd CoC

CoC List 12th August 2019 with corrigendum

Final Minutes 3rd CoC_19th August 2019

Status as on 16th July 2019

Open Reply to AoP email_29 July 2019

Open Reply to AOP email_26 July 2019

Contribution Message

Update of CIRP_2nd August 2019

Contribution Form & Criteria for Contribution

CoC working list with discrepancies _26th July 2019

Result of Voting of Second Adjourned CoC dt 17th June 2019

Summary of Voting

Precautionary Notice for Home Buyers

Intimation to Creditors

Updation Request Form

Notice related to outcome of CoC Meeting dt 16 June 2019; 17 June 2019

Profiles of Proposed Authorised Representatives

Legal update_21st July 2019

CoC List as on 11th June 2019

Instructions for Voting

Notice for 2nd CoC Meeting

Message from RP for members of Committee of Creditors- New 

Minutes of Meeting 2nd CoC Adjourned held on 17th June 2019

Minutes of Meeting 2nd CoC- held on 16th June 2019

Voting & Minutes of First CoC held on 28th June 2018

Application filed by FC for replacing the RP

Details of RP

Jitender Arora

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1 List of creditors :
(a). Home Buyers / Commercial Space Buyers
(b).Financial Creditors other then homebuyers/Commercial Space Buyers.(c). Operational Creditors (Other than workman and employees).
(d). Employees and workman
2 Committee of creditors :